By Rav Yeshua Ed | September 09, 2008 | updated June 28, 2017


The Torah in English means ‘teaching’ as in the ‘teachings’ or ‘instructions’ of God that He gave to the Jews. The Jews are given the responsibility by God to impart His commandments, laws, teachings and ordinances to all the people on earth. Our group known as the New Jerusalem Congregation does not shirk from our duty before God as the priest of the Most High God of Israel.

Please click the link below to read and study the Torah of Moses (2008 version).

Torah of Moses

Please consider giving donation and offering before the Most High God. We are the new priesthood known as the Firstborn Sons of Israel and we are holier than the priests from the lineage of Aaron and the Levites.

Did you know that for more than two thousands years now the firstborn children of Israel have not been redeemed by the Jews?

If you are one of the firstborn sons of Israel and a Jewish firstborn, please consider joining us for you belong to God and you belong to us. Join us now.